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Seaport-e Program
DE&A places a premium on delivering quality services in a professional and timely manner.
DE&A has been awarded an IDIQ contract to
support Navy and Marine Corps activities in
three regions across the country:  
Capital (Zone 2)
, Gulf Coast (Zone 4) and
Southwest (Zone 6).
(See Map Below)

Offerors were requested to identify in Section B the geographical zone or zones for which they
wish to be considered during the Task Order, Fair Consideration Process.   After award of the
multiple award contracts, task orders will be competed by the various ordering offices to meet
project/program requirements.  Each task will be competed in the applicable zone of
performance.  Offerors may only respond to solicitations for task orders in the Zones marked
with an “X” in Section B.  The following map identifies the seven zones:  Northeast, National
Capital, Mid-Atlantic, Gulf Coast, Midwest, Southwest, and Northwest.  For work performed
NOTE:  The dividing line between Zones 2 and 3 is 75 miles south of Washington, DC.

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