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DE&A places a premium on delivering quality services in a professional and timely manner.
multi-level administrative approach which emphasizes: project selection, careful assignment of
personnel and management to each project; client - contractor interaction and communication;
project management incorporated with quality controls. Each project from inception to
completion is properly staffed with persons having relevant professional experience as well as
disciplinary training and skills.

Interaction with clients ensures that objectives and specifications are jointly understood and
correctly implemented. Close monitoring of each project guarantees well-executed and timely
delivery of services. DE&A places a premium on delivering quality services in a professional
and timely manner. We believe that quality assurance can not be overly emphasized as it
provides the controls for project success.

A quality assurance program is incorporated into each project undertaken by DE&A. As a
minimum, the quality assurance plan for each project includes: providing each staff member
with a project job description, conducting internal meetings to keep each project team member
abreast of project progression, monitoring project expenses against the approved project
budget, providing for an audit trail of expenses, assuring proper documentation for all work
performed, developing time-lines for each task and each deliverable, establishment of a
contingency plan for unexpected events, and evaluation of contract performance.

This disciplined self-regulation of contracts allows DE&A to take immediate and corrective
action, where necessary, preventing contractual mishaps.