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General Service Administration – Public Building Service
Program Title:     
Financial and Pricing related
assessment and evaluation
Period of
September 2010 to
September 2015
Contract Number & Type:                    
Fixed Price
  Caribbean Region (Region 2) satisfies the real estate
needs of government agencies located in New York,
Northern New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin
Islands. The Design and Construction Division within PBS
provides capital project planning, design, construction and
delivery. They offer wide range of planning, technical design,
and construction related acquisition services. The
requirements described within are in support of the Design
and Construction Division’s Acquisition Services Branch.
Daniel Eke and Associates, PC is currently providing financial and pricing related assessment
and evaluation services to GSA’s Design and Construction Division.

The engagement can be summarized into the following areas of focus:
  • Provide assessments of cost and price estimates.
  • Evaluate costs or overhead pool structures, proposed overhead rates, direct and
    indirect costs and other financial information submitted with proposals.
  • Perform claim and settlement assistance by reviewing and assessing the financial
    aspects of the contractor’s claim.
  • Review contractor invoices for completeness and accuracy.
  • Assist with contract close out to prevent over payments, duplicate payments and under
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