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Office of Cyber Security, Department of Veterans Affairs (OCSDVA)
Program Title:                           
Accounting Support Services
Period of Performance:         
August 2003 to August 2005
Contract Number &
Fixed Price
  Office of Cyber and Information Security is responsible for
ensuring the integrity of the Veterans Affairs information
systems through the establishment of a centralized,
department-wide security management and planning team
Secretary for Cyber and Information Security to lead that
team under the auspices of the Department Chief
Information Officer (CIO).

Daniel Eke and Associates currently provides accounting support services for the Office of
Cyber Security, Department of Veterans Affairs.  Our work included assisting in
administration and accounting related to budget formulation and budget execution.  Work
performed included:
  • Transaction analysis, including verification of clerical accuracy, evidence of proper
    approvals, and adherence to budget guidelines,
  • Transaction processing,
  • Data analysis and summarization,
  • Accounting classification and processing,
  • Documenting internal controls, and
  • Preparing and completing documentation and narrative justifications for its budget
    submissions in accordance with OMB Circular A-11.
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