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Department of Veterans Affairs -  Health Administration Center
Program Title:  
Coding Billing
Period of Performance:         
September 2012 to
September 2017
Contract Number and Type:   
VA741-12-F-0315, Fixed Price
  VA requires this coding Billing Audit to be conducted at
fifteen (15) VHA Medical Facilities during the contract term;
using “Collected/Closed” 3rd party claims from the previous
fiscal year for the data, beginning October 1.

Daniel Eke and Associates, PC is currently providing Coding Billing Audit at fifteen (15)
This engagement requires us to provide all labor, materials, transportation, and
supervision necessary to perform: Coding validation reviews for inpatient, observation,
diagnostic tests, ambulatory surgery/medicine procedures and outpatient (clinic) data
collection, evaluating the completeness and accuracy of coding diagnoses and
procedures in accordance with official coding guidelines (Coding Clinics, CPT Assistant,
HFCA/AMA, Ambulatory Patient Classifications [APC]) in a simulated Medicare payment

We are also required to conduct the reviews utilizing electronic auditing of the
computerized health record system (CPRS), whenever possible. The reviews are
conducted by remote data view and remote image view.  Should the information not be
contained in CPRS or VistA, the facility provides the documentation to us via secured mail
service. QuadraMed software is required to access the data.
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