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US Department of Defense: Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
Program Title:                           
Auditability Assessment
Period of Performance:         
September 2003 –  January
Contract Number &
GS23F-0246L, Time &
  The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) provides worldwide
logistics support for the operational missions of the
military services. DLA maintains 22 distribution depots
managed through three Defense Supply Centers. The
Defense Energy Support Center handles $5.0 billion in
fuel distribution annually.

DLA engaged DE&A as part of a contractor team led by UHY Advisors (formerly Urbach,
Kahn, and Werlin) to perform auditability assessments and financial statement audits of
the DLA- Defense-Wide Working Capital Fund and DLA-General Fund, under a blanket
purchase agreement. The first two task orders were for audit assessment and
compilation of financial statements. This work included assisting DLA identify and resolve
deficiencies in its financial management practices and related controls so that DLA may
achieve a clean financial audit opinion by the end of fiscal year 2007 and become
compliant with the CFO Act of 1990.

The auditability assessment included subjecting DLA to most elements of financial
statement audits required under OMB Bulletin 01-02. Our task also includes preparing
detailed documentation about accounting procedures and process flows.  Our reports
included detailed information about impediments to preparing auditable financial
statements or control weaknesses. The financial statements compiled will conform to
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles applicable to federal government entities.  The
period of performance for this BPA was from September 2003 to January 2010.
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