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Department of Health and Human Services – Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Services Administration - SAMHSA
Program Title:
Grant Management Support
Period of Performance:         
May 2012 to January 2013
Contract Number and Type:   
Fixed Price
  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
Administration’s (SAMHSA) Division of Grants Management
(DGM) provides excellence in stewardship of the federal
funding awarded by SAMHSA and is responsible for
business, financial, and administrative assistance across
the continuum of awards from pre-award through closeout.
The Division of Grants Management (DGM) is responsible
for the business, financial and administrative review of all
recommended grants, most cooperative agreements and
other assistance awards and assuring that they are
consistent with applicable policies, regulations, directives
and fund certifications. DGM is also responsible for issuing
all amendments and certain approvals under these
awards, for monitoring awardees' compliance with terms
and conditions, and for the administration and closeout of
these awards.
Daniel Eke and Associates, PC is currently providing grant management support services
The engagement can be summarized into the following areas of focus:

        Review grant documents including subcontract arrangements for compliance with
grant policies, procedures and regulations
        Prepare Notices of Award (NOA) for continuation of existing and new grant programs
        Review post award requests
        Provide support to government technical and management-level personnel.
        Assist in the resolution of complex, technical and administrative problems that
involve proposals and other management issues.
        Perform a variety of administrative functions as needed to include monitoring
incoming and outgoing mail, and special projects.
        Close out expired grants to prevent budget overruns and funding deficits.
        Collect valid and accurate closeout information for audit trail and grant information
        Manage and monitor grants management and closeout data for better grant
management decisions.
        Facilitate coordination across organizations regarding resolution of grant issues
related to closeout grants.
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