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Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service
Program Title:                           
Audit Remediation Services
Period of
March 2013– Present
Contract Number and
AG-3A75-B-13-0003, Fixed
Price (3 Task Orders)
  Originally established by Congress in 1935 as the Soil
become a conservation leader for all natural resources,
ensuring private lands are conserved, restored, and
more resilient to environmental challenges, like climate
Seventy percent of the land in the United States is
privately owned, making stewardship by private
landowners absolutely critical to the health of our Nation’
s environment.
NRCS works with landowners through conservation
planning and assistance designed to benefit the soil,
water, air, plants, and animals that result in productive
lands and healthy ecosystems.
Security Program.

The engagement can be summarized into the following areas of focus:

Undelivered Orders and Accruals
Team DE&A is supporting NRCS in the quarterly testing of undelivered orders, accruals,
subsequent disbursements, advances and Prompt Payment Act compliance, and related
business processes.  The development of test plans, and conducting testing and/or
performing observations are part of our work in developing corrective action plans (CAPs),
and in developing and updating policies and procedures.  The result of our testing is used
to assess progress toward auditability and evaluate the ability to sustain improvements.  
Conducting testing is a useful tool to monitor performance in implementing corrective
actions and the level of conformance to the standard policies and procedures

The SOW requirements also include:
•        Quarterly ROOT testing;
•        Quarterly De-obligation Follow Up;
•        Quarterly ROOT Scorecard;
•        Review of Un-liquidated;
•        Quarterly Accrual Testing;
•        Subsequent Disbursement Testing;
•        Quarterly Advance Testing;
•        Quarterly Advance Scorecard;
•        Evaluations of Corporate Accrual Approach; and
•        Training.

Unfilled Customer Orders
The SOW requirements include:
•        Reviewing and updating the existing NRCS test plan and checklist;
•        Quarterly testing for completeness;
•        Quarterly testing for accuracy;
•        Developing and preparing a performance scorecard;
•        Validation of post FMMI conversion reconciliation and corrections;
•        Audit sample review for completeness and conformance with independent auditors’

A-123 IT Security Program
The SOW requires the following:
A.        Assist NRCS in the implementation of its A-123 IT General Computing Controls
(GCC). This requires us to

1.        Create and upload POAMS (Plan of Action and Milestones) into ADTS
2.        Create Summary of Aggregated Deficiencies (SADS)

B.        Assist NRCS in remediating financial audit findings related to deficiencies in user
access controls and user access administration. We will be required to perform
procedures geared toward remediating deficiencies in
•        Password Parameters
•        Password Limits
•        Role – Based Access Controls
•        Quarterly Access Control Testing
We are required to create Scorecard of Metrics by state and region once testing of access
control results have been finalized. We are also required to 1) validate VPN Access, 2)
identify all of NRCS’s financially significant systems and determine and create access
management procedures, and 3) assist with audit coordination with external auditors.
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